Health and Well Being

Health Services 

The Child Health Nurse checks children of particular year levels for physical development and follows up any concerns. If parents wish to make contact with the Nurse in relation to matters affecting the health of their child, please arrange this through the school administration. 

Regular Medication 

Students requiring daily medication will be assisted by school staff. Consent forms authorising school administration staff to give medication may be obtained from the school office. Classroom teachers will not dispense over the counter medication. All medication must be delivered to the office where it is kept in a locked cabinet. Medication must not be kept in students’ bags. 

Illness and Emergency Calls 

Sick children should be kept home from school and return when recovered with their absence explained by the parent/carer. Minor illness or injury occurring during the day will usually be treated at school. In more serious situations every endeavour will be made to contact a parent or carer to arrange for the child to be collected from school. In extreme emergencies the child may be taken to a medical practitioner before parents can be notified. The school reserves the right to call an ambulance if required. 

It is essential that all parents provide an up-to-date contact number through which they can be reached in the event of an emergency. 

Student Illness and Infectious Diseases 

Parents are asked not to send sick children to school. Parents will be contacted and asked to make alternative arrangements for their children if this happens. 

No Smoking on School Grounds 

Department of Education Policy states that smoking is not permitted on the school premises by staff, parents and visitors. Marangaroo Primary School is a smoke free zone. 


Due to our close proximity to the golf course and the presence of kangaroos, there have been occasions where students have “picked up ticks’. If a child is found to have a tick attached to their skin it is important that the tick is removed correctly to prevent infection. This is best done by taking your child to your family doctor to have the tick removed.