Dress Code

The School Board believes a school dress code:

  • Promotes equality among children;
  • Supports the ethos of the school;
  • Develops a stronger sense of community; and
  • Promotes a higher public image of the school.

Modification to Dress Code

Students who for religious or health reasons may need to modify the school dress code are required to discuss the requirements with the Principal. Staff will be informed of any student granted a modification to the dress code.

Sanctions for Non-Compliance

  • Counselling from a staff member on the benefits of a dress code.
  • Assistance / support to obtain a uniform if necessary.
  • A pass for an agreed length of time for dress modification.
  • Exclusion from school excursions or activities where the school is represented externally e.g. interschool sports.

Marangaroo Dress Code

A. Uniform:

  • School logo polo shirt with collar.
  • Rugby shorts (boys & girls); sports skirt with sports briefs, chequered dress or skirts (girls), boy’s long leg shorts.
  • School track pants.
  • Zip jacket, windcheater or rugby top.

B. Health and Safety

  • Suitable footwear – no thongs, masseur / surf sandals, platform, high heel or flip flop shoes.
  • A hat – worn normally.
  • Hair shoulder length and longer to be tied back. It is recommended that wherever possible hair is tied back.
  • Not to wear accessories (e.g. dangly earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, scarves) that present an increased safety risk.
  • Personal Presentation

The School Dress Code seeks that students present in a neat and tidy manner. To this end we encourage students to:

  • Wear full school uniform, not just part of.
  • Wear shirts tucked in. Tie jumpers around waist for recess and lunch breaks only.
  • Not wear make up, fake tattoos, bandannas, beanies or scarves.