Issue No. 6 Tuesday 21 May 2019

Dear Parents/Carers and Community Members

I start this newsletter by saying a big thank you to all the mothers out there in our community. I hope you all had a chance to be pampered on Mother’s Day and the opportunity to be appreciated for everything you do. Thank you to our parent volunteers who coordinated and ran the Mother’s Day Stall this year, I’m sure it made more than a mother or two smile. Well done.


Last week, our year 3 and 5 students sat the annual National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing. Students were well prepared and engaged well with the online testing format.

Why do NAPLAN? – We are mandated to. All students complete the testing in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9. NAPLAN testing provides the school with data on the strengths and weaknesses in students’ achievement. The data allows us to reflect on teaching and learning programs, lesson structure and actions to improve the success of all students. It is also a good indicator of how your child is achieving against other students at our school, schools similar to us and WA public schools. I am very proud of their efforts, well done guys.

Student Arrival to School

A friendly reminder that students should NOT be at school before 8.30am.

Grounds Improvement

If you are a parent or know of someone that may be able to help the school with some minor works, I would love to hear from you! Skills required are painting, limestone retaining, tree planting and carpeting. This may be a mixture of paid and/or volunteer work. Please help as you can, as we are a small school with a small budget for projects like grounds improvements.

Swan Network Day – Professional Learning for staff

On Friday 31 May, all staff will be participating in meetings with other schools in the Swan West network. This is a pupil free day, which means that there are no students to attend school on Friday 31 May.

School Uniform

Wearing the correct school uniform is really important. It gives a child a sense of belonging and pride. All students need to be wearing school uniform. More information will be emailed to parents whose children are regularly not wearing the correct school uniform with details on how to purchase uniforms.

Lower Primary Gastro Bug

Over the last two weeks there has been an excessive amount of gastro cases passing through our kindy and pre-primary classes. We ask that if your child is showing any signs of illness relating to gastro or otherwise, please keep them at home until symptoms have ceased and they are well enough to return.

Attendance – Strong links with high achievement

My job is to ensure all students are at school every day. Even one day off a week/ fortnight can have a huge impact on your child’s learning, study habits and friendships. Please work with me, be strong and ensure your child is at school every day they can be.

Well done to the following students who have 100% attendance so far this year. What a great effort! There were so many that were close with only one or two days absent. Well done to those students too.

Attendance Stars

Kindy – Asher B, Elijah C, Jake T, Dawson W, Avner C, Troy-James C, David D, Layla G, Ana Sofia M, Mason R, Richard S, Anthony T

Pre Primary – Hansen A, Keerthi K, Oscar L, Willa M, Tayla V

Year One – Liam C, Randy P , Jaxon T

Year Two – Moses B, Ruby-Rose B, Noah B, Alexia B, Dau Kinh C, Lucas G, Ashleigh J, Anna N, Aleah P

Year Three – Seth G, Kyla M, Hoda M, Amber P, Dean R

Year Four – Oliva B, Reece F, Tristen G, Alannah H, Jake J, Lewis O, Jet K, Yonis M, Lee P

Year Five – Jayden D, Olivia M, Anton M, Ayden P, Tina N, Noah S, Trey T-H

Year Six – Nit D, Jai J, Grace M, Tianna M, Abdi M, Wilson S

I will finish by saying thank you to all parents and carers who are attending our assemblies. Well done to Goannas Year 4/5 for doing a great assembly in week 2. I encourage any community member to attend our assemblies, where our students have an opportunity to shine publically and be acknowledged for their hard work and positive behaviour. For assembly dates, please refer to the term planner on our website.


Taylor Webb