Shared Vision - Shared Vision

Shared Vision



At Marangaroo Primary School we embrace our multicultural background and realise that although we may be different, we are all special. This respect of self and others allows us to be inclusive and ensure that all students and staff are valued members of our community. By providing a safe, caring, compassionate and stimulating environment we create avenues for everyone to express their opinion with confidence.The Marangaroo Primary School community values the importance of seeking, giving and receiving regular feedback. By being honest meaningful, informative and relevant in our feedback we create a positive and constructive environment.

Marangaroo Primary School staff work collaboratively to provide optimal student learning. By cross setting students into ability groups, administering common assessment tasks and maintaining monitoring tools in literacy and numeracy, we ensure that we can provide the best curriculum delivery across all core learning areas. Collection of compelling and relevant data allows us to give informative, valid, constructive and accurate feedback on the differing abilities of our students and allows teachers, parents and students to make decisions in the best interest of each individual student.

Our focus is to be explicit in our teaching so that students have the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning. We have a whole school approach to the delivery of literacy and numeracy with the Diana Rigg literacy program being an emphasis of curriculum delivery in the early childhood classes. We value life long learning and endeavour to optimise the education of our students. This motivates our incorporation of thinking skills into our learning and teaching program for all students from K-7 and emphasises the importance of organisation and listening in our everyday behaviours.

Clear and explicit classroom structures are in place to allow for good classroom management. This enables staff to be consistent with the delivery of consequences and rewards for student behaviour and achievement. The recognition of good student behaviour and positive reinforcement is essential in maintaining a classroom environment that is in line with our core values.

The involvement of parents in the education of their children is strongly encouraged and built upon a mutual respect of everyone’s role in the learning experience of each child. By building positive partnerships with parents through open and honest communication, we create and maintain strong school and home partnerships. This is shaped by our commitment to meet with parents at the beginning of each school year, providing information that assists the at home learning of each child, communicating through different mediums such as the school website and by encouraging our parents to be actively involved in school run programs.

Together, we are the future.

We will model the dispositions for success:

Resilience, Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Managing Impulsivity.