IPS Review

Marangaroo Primary School IPS Review dates were 22-23 March 2017.

The purpose of the Independent Review is to provide assurance to the school and its community, the Director General of Education and the Minister for Education on the extent to which the school has met its commitments as outlined in its Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA) and associated Business Plan.

The focus of the review is on:

  • how well the school has implemented self-review
  • how well the school has improved student learning (achievement, progress and engagement) for all students
  • how well the school has created an environment that promotes learning and student wellbeing
  • how well the school is placed to sustain and improve its performance.

Review Methodology

The school has been required, under the DPA, to undertake annual self-assessments of its performance.  The outcome of these assessments formed the basis for the school’s self-review which was presented to the reviewers at the commencement of the review.

Prior to the presentation of the school’s self-review conclusions, reviewers were provided with information of the school’s achievements, its processes and its student performance data from a number of sources which included:

  • the My School website
  • the Department of Education School Performance Monitoring System
  • Schools Online reports.

Department of Education Services reviewers met with the Principal and the Board Chair on day one to determine the school’s conclusions from its self-review.  Subsequently, reviewers analysed the evidence presented in the school’s self-review documentation and developed lines of inquiry where further verification was required.

An agenda for each day was then negotiated with the school to enable the gathering of evidence to verify claims made by the school.  During these two days the reviewers scoured evidence to support the school’s self-review claims through observation and discussion with teaching and support staff, board members, parents and students.

The evidence provided by the school, along with information gathered by the reviewers prior to and during the review visits, was used as the basis for the verification of how well the school has met its commitments as outlined in the DPA and Business Plan.

The document attached reports on the findings of the independent review.