Cost and Contributions

School Voluntary Contributions and Charges 

Education Department regulations allow each school to raise funds for incidental materials needed by asking each parent to contribute to the School Voluntary Contribution Fund. The maximum amount that can be asked for under this regulation is $60.00 per child. At Marangaroo School the P&C and School Board have endorsed the following contribution amounts: 

Voluntary Contribution 1 child $60.00 

Voluntary Contribution 2 or more children $120.00 maximum 

Money raised through Voluntary Contributions assists teachers to provide extra materials to support the teaching and learning programs across the school. By making this contribution you are directly assisting your child. 

The current contributions and charges are listed on the Personal Items List (Booklist) and it is appreciated if this amount is paid when placing your order. If you do not pay this amount with the booklist, please call into the office with your payment as soon as possible. 

Programmed Class Charges – Excursions/Incursions 

A schedule of estimated costs relating to other activities for the current school year is sent home at the beginning of each year in the welcome packages. This assists parents in calculating the expected annual cost for their child/children. 

P & C Voluntary Contribution

Our P & C Association seeks a voluntary contribution of $20 per family which goes towards a major project e.g. covered walk ways between the library and C Block. The initiative is about not having to constantly ask parents to support minor fundraising events throughout the year. Please support the

P & C in their efforts to make Marangaroo School a better place for all students.

Contributions and Charges 2024