The P&C canteen operates Tuesday to Friday and is closed on Mondays. Orders must be placed at the canteen before school commences. 

The canteen complies with the standards for Healthy Food and Drink Choices in Public Schools policy. There is a summer menu for terms 1 and 4 and a winter menu for terms 2 and 3, with daily specials. The canteen makes every effort to ensure the menu is peanut free.

If you are available to assist, even for only a couple of hours, please contact Jenny Souris, Canteen Manager on Ph: 9247 1188. 


Please note that lunches brought to school by parents/carers after the commencement of lesson time need to be left at the canteen in a clearly labelled bag with student’s name and class. 

Summer Menu for Terms 1 and 4

Winter Menu for Terms 2 and 3